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Trina is a multifaceted, bilingual storyteller who has pioneered a plethora of award-winning, high volume projects that have influenced culture, including 600+ digital and social videos. From being the executive producer of HBO's Habla series for fourteen years, to developing and producing eight branded series in both English and Spanish for internet platforms like Yahoo, to creating social media campaigns for brands like Sofía Vergara’s “panties with a purpose” line, EBY (Empowered by You), Trina's versatility has made her a key player in bringing multicultural, innovative and aspirational projects to life.

She now lives in the charming river town of Lambertville, New Jersey where she finds joy in being part of a community of artists, entrepreneurs and forward-thinking individuals who embrace the town’s unique roots while envisioning a model future.

Skills: documentary filmmaker, woman directorbranded content creator, organic integrator, series format builder, influencer groomer, RFP navigator, product or vision explainer, script and treatment writer, social media marketing instructorLatinx expert, native Spanish speaker, real people producer, celebrity whisperer, mobile first thinker, viral concept chaser, pitch perfecter, and brand liaison for agencies and show sponsors.

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She is honored to be on Free the Bid, a non-profit initiative advocating on behalf of women directors for equal opportunities to bid on commercial jobs in the global advertising industry.


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Using snippets of the real world, in a variety of forms, Trina’s documentaries delve into the essence of life, revealing something tremendously personal. There’s an undeniable feeling of authenticity in her work that comes from her unshakeable interest in extraordinary people and their stories. Using a variety of non-fiction formats as her vehicle, her work conveys a feeling of empathy, and a taste for the universal.


Trina is genuinely excited when a platform or brand is looking for a unique concept to connect with its target audience. In the branded space, she is able to present a host of fresh ideas that align with the overall messaging. Trina's experience working closely with agency, marketing and editorial teams ensures she can develop and deliver a final product that hits home with viewers.


Trina taps into her ability to express passion and excitement when telling the stories of corporations and brands that are breaking new grounds, or who are looking for fresh ways to convey their overall mission. It's part of her nature to be interested in the genesis and manifestation of new ventures and ideas, which enables her to tell "the whole story" behind the topic of interest.


Women & Latinx

Women: Trina has played a pivotal role in being a catalyst for women throughout her entire professional career. She is committed to telling stories for-and-about women that are aspirational, showcasing all the ways in which women today are unleashing their innate potential. 


Latinx: Trina’s vision has been eye-opening for top media outlets that target the Latinx market. Because of the diversity within the culture itself, it's often been challenging to find common ground, but Trina has been able to connect the dots through her award-winning content.


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