noun | du·en·de | dü-ˈen-(ˌ)dā |


: Having soul

A heightened state of emotion, expression and authenticity

No matter what project Trina takes on, Duende is at the core of everything she does. It's what makes her work so engaging, vibrant, and full of life.



After directing projects like social media commercials for P&G and multiple web series with influencers and celebrities like Jackie Cruz from Orange is the New Black, Trina has experience with everything from writing scripts, preparing treatments, leading crews and directing and interviewing talent.


Trina has delivered large-scale productions, ranging from HBO Latino’s original documentary series, Habla, to multiple programs for Yahoo that have required a razor-sharp creative vision and industry know-how. Trina can effectively respond to RFPs, pitch, budget, contract talent, manage clients, hire crews and supervise post-production.


Trina can pull from a wealth of experience to help platforms and brands achieve their storytelling goals. She’s able to tackle a wide range of innovative topics and themes, and can elevate a brand’s messaging through a variety of formats. Consulting can be tailored to include everything from developing story ideas and a production strategy to assessing existing content and training in-house teams.


Everything Trina can do in English, she can equally do in Spanish. Trina is 100% bilingual and bicultural with a proficiency to conduct business and express herself creatively in either language that is truly unique. Her dexterity in navigating not only the Spanish language but also Latinx culture is deeply ingrained in her personal story and work history.





What makes Trina's process unique is that she works with clients to uncover the "duende", the soul, that is inherent in every great story. She seeks to extract the authentic message that needs to be told, the problem that needs to be solved, or the voice that needs to be amplified, ensuring that it will resonate and connect at an emotional level with the audience.

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